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Our Journey So Far.. 


Edifice Journey started in 1997 as a distributor for Surgical Instruments. Over the years Edifice grew to be a trusted partner in Healthcare. 

1997 Edifice  (Under the name Edifice Technology) started as a distributor for B Braun, for Syringe pumps and AESCULAP Surgical instruments.

1998 Edifice Technologies became the dealer for Dr Mach GmbH & co KG, Germany for OT Lights.

2002 On May 2nd, 2002 Edifice Medical Systems was formed as a separate company focusing on products for

          Operating Rooms

2005 - Signed up with OPT Italia to see OT Tables. 

2006 - Signed up with 3M India for marketing of surgical disposables.

2007 - Established a new Vertical in Hospital Infrastructure.

  •  Signed up with Hortig Rohrpost to market, install & support Air Tube systems in India.

2008 Signed with AUSTCO to market, install & support Nurse Calling solutions in India.

2008 & 2009 Edifice was adjudged and awarded as

  • Top Sales Achievement from AUSTCO
  • Best Support team from AUSTCO -
  • awarded prestigious orders For Nurse Calling Solutions from various Hospitals including Medanta Medicity, Jaypee Hospitals, Vikram Hospital, Oyster and Pearl etc.

2010  Completed the Installation of the 1st Installation in India of Autsco Full IP based Nurse call and telecommunication.

  • Awarded the order of India's Largest IP based Nurse Call and telecom interface system from Parkway Khubchandani hospitals in Mumbai

2011  Agreed to work with JAOTECH (BARCO) to provide Patient Bedside Terminal solutions. 

  • Signed up with Schmitz u. Söhne GmbH & Co. KG, a leading manufacturer of OT Tables for marketing in Western India.

2013  Signed up to work with Oricare and Aeonmed for Critical care products for ICU and Critical Care

  • Signed up to work with Zeon Medical - Japan for Intra Aortic Balloons for the Cardiac Assist Solutions
  • Signed up to work with Merivaraa - Open OR solution for Integratation insire the Operating Rooms. 
  • Signed up with Wipro Assure to Market their Fetal monitoring solutions
  • Signed up to work with Smiths Medical for Syringe Pumps, warmers, Transport Ventilators etc. and its accessories for parts of Western India.
  • Signed up with Mediland to market their OT Tables.

2014 -signed up Kanlife to market PCA Pumps.

2016 - Established two new Vertical in the field of Gynecology, Women care and Wellness and NeuroSurgery

  • Signed up with Wisap Medical Technologies, to promote the Cervical Coagulator and Morcellator in India.
  • Signed up with Telea Electronic Engineering


  • Signed up with Trackit supply Tracking solutions in Healthcare and other markets.
  • Signed up with Sumitburger for supply of PTS systems.
  • Signed up with Sony solutions in Healthcare and other markets.
  • Signed up with Godrej for their healthcare and other furniture.
  • Signed up with Ascom for their healthcare ICT 


  • Signed up with Echosens for supply of FIBROSCAN (the gold standard in Liver Diagnosis)
  • Signed up with ELCON for supply of specialty Surgical instruments & Tools for Open surgery & MIS (Laparoscopy , Arthroscopy, Urology etc).



The journey continues. . . . .