Edifice Medical Systems

Quality Policy


The Quality Policy of Edifice Medical Systems represents the company's position regarding quality and compliance to regulatory requirements and is detailed below.

  •  Ensure compliance with the relevant local and international regulations.
  •  Edifice recognizes that the service to patients is most important and would strive to provide optimized services to serve human care.
  •  We would encourage effective communication with healthcare providers to enhance patient care.
  •  Prioritize quality compliance, both from a product supplied and Support systems perspective in simple terms, therefore;
  • - Develop procedures and follow them
  • - Document what is done
  • - Execute the above in a professional, accurate and timely manner
  •  Strive to improve our performance and to maintain the effectiveness of the quality management system, through measuring, monitoring and addressing opportunities across all aspects of the business.
  •  Advocate a high standard of ethics throughout the company.