Edifice Medical Systems

Anesthesia Machine and Workstations 


Wide range of advanced yet easy to use anesthesia Machines and workstation that provides accurate, ventilation. It has a user-friendly design, incorporates new technology and provides safe and effective treatment options for the clinician. The product range includes Adult and Child modes that provide patient-appropriate defaults and ranges.


A7200 - Anesthesia Machine

Classical and widely used anaesthesia machine, single vaporizer with 4-tubes flowmeter.



Glory + - Anesthesia workstation

With Large 7" LCD screen, various monitoring waveform and parameters in different colors, CV, PLV, SIMV modes can easily satisfy the operation ventilation requirement, Integrated CO2 absorption system equipped with "No Water Vapor Cogulation"sensor and fast-release APL valve 6-tube of flow meters for three gas, sources satisfy long operation requirement. Optional AGSS provides more protection. Supports two Vaporizers


A8300 - Anesthesia WorkStation

workstation with IPPV, PCV, SIMV (flow-trigger), PS and Manual modes,  Independent 10.4" screen, flexible monitoring angle.

Parameters monitored: P-T, F-T, V-T waveforms & P-V, F-V loops, Wavefrom Save, supports two Vaporizers