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Essential from Telea using the QMR Technology




Quantum Molecular Resonance Technology (QMR) is used in surgical devices through the product Essential®. These are excellent tools that allow the surgeon to operate with the greatest care and respect of the surrounding structures and tissues.

Unlike the traditional electro and radiosurgery, which base its working principle on a mere transfer of thermal energy (heat generated by the flow of electric current), our devices employ a spectrum of frequencies such that the transferred energy translates only minimally in thermal rise; the predominant component of energy transmitted to the tissue interacts directly at the level of molecular bonds, breaking them up in a non-thermic way. This effect is obtained thanks to the fact that the frequencies used by our scalpels are extremely high (ranging between 4MHz to 16 MHz) and of specific values, which proved to be extremely effective for the purpose.

The effect of resonance with the molecular bonds is of extreme importance in order to obtain the desired results (breaking up of molecular bonds and considerably limiting the heat transfer).

The coagulation is obtained by exploiting the same working principle. In this case however, it is estimated that the increase in temperature on the tissue is limited to 65° C.



Essential is the latest device developed by Telea and exclusively dedicated to Neurosurgery.

It has been designed for the Neurosurgeons interested to have at disposal a bipolar coagulation function extremely delicate and precise. Since Essential uses the QMR technology, the coagulation of vessels and tissues is achieved at low temperature, without any heat damaging the delicate surrounding structures. At the same time, the coagulation is extremely effective, sound and reliable, even in the presence of abundant liquid. The device is also characterized by an extreme simplicity of use, also due to the visual support offered by a large display in high definition.

Essential stands as the device of choice for Neurosurgery, equipped with a wide range of disposable non-stick bipolar forceps (Black Soul) dedicated to it. Black Soul forceps are supplied sterile and are recognized by the device to their first insertion.