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 Revolutionary open architecture system,  amazingly easy to use


It is a revolutionary open architecture management system that integrates operating room devices, data and image management based on the needs of the surgical department. Additionally, OpenOR™ also enables real-time remote consultation and flexible telemedicine.



OpenOR™ over IP –features

  • Based on medically certified IP transmission technology – first on the market!
  • No delays in image transmission inside and outside the OR
  • Mobile surgical instruments can easily be connected with a simple plugn play function

Standard OpenOR™ features

  • A revolutionary open architectures system for operating rooms, based on customers needs
  • Intuitive and streamlined user interface, anyone can use it!
  • Enables real-time remote consultation, flexible telemedicine and premium level university teaching
  • Available in users own language
  • Increased relaxation and feeling of security for patients
  • Compact size and ease of installation enables fast deployment and low power consumption
  • Pay as you grow – modules can be added also afterwards