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Surgery and ICU Pendants










Flexible and innovative - Pendant systems from Ondal Germany and Aeonmed China.


A complete line of modern supply units for surgical, intensive care, endoscopic, anesthesia, as well as diagnostic applications. These systems can be found in hospital and surgical centers all over the world. For decades, Ondal has designed and developed supply units that allow easy movement, offer flexibility of use, and remain completely reliable. So customers can put their trust and expectations in Ondal to deliver great products and applications to the market place for years to come. 


Our heavy duty portfolio includes the following products:

Well established heavy duty Pendant systems are used in innovative supply units for surgical, endoscopic, Anesthesia and diagnostics applications as well as in intensive care units.


We routinely customizes these ceiling-mounted units according to customer preferences as single or dual version, or as one- or two-armed models with tailored supply units. In this way you can ensure that your customers' workstations are designed according to their preferences.


Easy to configure and sales advantages with the Ondal Pendant Manager 
The Ondal Pendant Manager provides for the simple and easy configuration of the Ondal ceiling-mounted supply units. This software program accounts for individual customer preferences during the configuration process and promptly prepares all the necessary sales documents.