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Multi- and single-colour chips

Dr. Mach provides two different LED-technologies for its OT-lights:

1. MC models

Are equipped with Multi-Colour-chips. The use of different-coloured LED-chips allows the surgeon to change the colour temperature of the OT-light depending on the preference for a more cold-white light (colour temperatures ≥ 4500 K) or for a warm-white OT-light (colour temperatures ≥ 4250 K). The surgeon can set the colour temperature according to the tissue structure, the surgical application and individual colour sensitivity. This way we avoid tiredness during work: for instance, dazzling effects can be avoided after longer interventions by using a warmer light. On the other hand it is possible to increase the contrast by using higher colour temperatures, which supports the surgeon's power of concentration.

Dr. Mach works with high-class LED modules from OSRAM.

2. SC models

Are equipped with Single-Colour-chips. Changing the colour temperature is not possible in this case. Of course all the other advantages of the LED technology are also implemented here, or they can be ordered for surcharge (integrated laser pointer).

SC models reach a colour rendering of Ra ≥ 95 und R9 ≥ 92.



Colour composition inside the light head

Dr. Mach already merges the different coloured LED's by a computer calculated optical system with light guide and facetted lenses. This means: The composed light leaves the optical system as white light and is dispersed over the wound field homogeneously. Colour shadows in the light beam of the OR light caused by the surgeon's head, shoulder or hands are avoided by the colour composition in the optical system.



Changing the light colour

The use of different coloured LED's makes it possible for the first time in surgery to change the light colours depending on the application. The surgeon has the possibility to choose the optimum OR light according to the tissue type and wound field texture. Five different colour temperature values can be set: 3750, 4000, 4250, 4500 and 4750 Kelvin.* The setting can be done either at the key pad on the lamp housing or by a right-turn of the ring at the sterilisable handle.

* The LED-OT-lights ca be equipped optionally with different colour temperature ranges, e.g. from 3500 K to 5000 K.


Outstanding colour rendering

With colour rendering indexes Ra over 96 and R9 (red) above 90(MC models) the surgeon recognizes clearly the tiniest nuances of colour in tissue.

For recognizing the exact colour spectrum of the wound the exact rendition of the red colour range is essential. R9 (red) ≥ 96 means for the surgeon a visibly better recognition of details. The colour spectrum of the wound is rendered naturally with rich contrast. The OT-light clearly provides welcome relief for your eyes.