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Zeon Corporation Japan. offers a wide range of Xemex Intra Aortic Balloons that can be inserted either with or without a sheath.  Xemex Ballons offer various unique features and clinical benefit.





IABP Augmentation Efficacy

  • Balloon diameter is increased by 2mm for better augmentation


 Catheter Migration - High Durability of Catheter Shaft

  • Superior stability of Nylon catheter shaft
  • Prevents catheter from blood heat softening and damage of vessel walls
  • Stiffer shaft provides super trackability to catherter


 Inner Stopper                                                                                                      

  • Strengthened adhesion of inner and outer tubes for  stable pumping (patent pending)
  • Integrated double lumen structure for superior response  performance and durability of the catheter


 Integrated Double Lumen Structure

  • Large helium gas lumen provides better response performance with small size catheters
  • Kink-resistant performance improved by reliable inner and outer shaft anchoring



  • Tapered structure toward proximal of outer shaft provides catheter shaft durability
  • Succeeded in higher response performance by enlargement of helium gas lumen of outer shaft outside of the body


 Sheath Introducer

  • Less gap between sheath and dilator
    • Zeon’s processing technology realized :
      • Smooth transition of diameter gap
      • Less insertion resistance
      • Increased intensity
      • Prevention of distortion or deformation
  •  Excellence trackability of dilator tip to GW has increased 
      • Tip flexibility and trackability to the guide wire
      • Prevention of damage to the vessel wall

 Soft tip of catheter prevents unintentional vessel damage

Sophisticated taper shape and soft material for catheter tip


Advantages using Xemex Balloons


 High Level Balloon and Catheter positioning Safety.

  • Stiff nylon catheter shaft
  • Three-level-diameter shaft structure

 Pumping Response Performance is ensured by

  • Double lumen structure with large helium gas lumen
  • Three-level-diameter catheter shaft
  • Inner stopper anchoring