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The Digistat suite is an advanced patient data management software system that is designed specifically for use by clinicians, nurses and administrators. The software package comprises a large set of modules that can either work alone or be fully integrated to provide a complete patient data management solution. From the Intensive Care Unit to the Ward, from the Operating Room to the Administrative Department, Digistat can be used in a wide range of clinical environments. Its modular architecture and extensive customization capabilities allow the user to build his/her own patient data management system and to expand the system to meet the department new demands, when required.

Digistat has been chosen by some of the most prestigious hospitals and healthcare research facilities for the informatization of their critical care areas.​

Clinical alerts and data - clear for all to see

Digistat Smart Central is a device status dashboard that acquires data continuously from the devices associated to the patient (e.g. infusion pumps, patient monitor, ventilator, dialysis machine, etc.) and displays them with an intuitive user interface. Digistat Smart Central is designed to provide an overview of the devices status, highlighting alarms and/or warnings possibly occurring on any connected device, so that the user is informed at a glance about the situation in the ward. The Product supports the improvement of nursing workflows related to the management of alarms from the connected clinical devices and systems.


Clinical alerts and data made mobile

Digistat Smart Central Mobile is an optional extension of Digistat Smart Central that allows to take advantage of the same features of the platform, but directly into the hands of the medical and nursing staff.


Intensive Care Unit documentation and process support

The Digistat Intensive Care Unit (ICU) is designed to automate the documentation of the patient care across the hospital's complex intensive care units. Digistat ICU can help clinicians and nurses to streamline care processes and improve efficiency. The Clinicians have access to manually entered data and to information acquired in near real-time from the connected medical devices and systems (HIS, ADT, Laboratory, etc.).

This suite of modules offers Intensive Care Units a comprehensive set of configurable solutions, advanced technologies and outcome-management tools designed to improve staff productivity, control costs and help deliver a better care to the patient.

Medical device integration software

Digistat Connect acquires information about clinical data, alarms and events in near-real-time from Medical Devices (e.g. patient monitors, ventilators, infusion pumps, CVVH , etc.) and creates a common, standard, automatic data stream providing patient data to the Hospital Information Systems.

Digistat Connect is device-vendor neutral and able to be scaled from single departments to multiple hospitals

Surgical Information System

Digistat Surgical Information System (SIS) is the comprehensive solution for every staff member's demands for the Surgical workflow. It eases the demanding workload of surgical procedures and all those involved. From appointment scheduling to operating-room planning, from anesthesia to surgery documentation, from stockroom management to optimal use of resources, this solution brings significant benefits to all aspects of  surgical workflow and its main actors.


Medical device asset management system

Digistat Asset Management is a powerful and easy-to-use asset management system especially designed for medical devices.  This totally Web-based technology can be used anywhere within the hospital's intranet network and is compatible with all major browsers on the market. Digistat Asset Management doesn't require installation on the client workstation.