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Pneumatic Tubing System

Pneumatic tube systems from Sumetzberger guarantee the fastest, most reliable and least staffed spontaneous and emergency transport of all objects that fit into a transport carrier. Since 1964, thousands of satisfied customers from healthcare, industry, retail, wholesale and administration worldwide have benefited from our efficient, durable, user-friendly and attractive pneumatic tube systems.


Pneumatic tube solutions for hospital pharmacies

In hospitals, the fast, reliable supply of wards and outpatient departments with drugs is absolutely essential. Thanks to ultra-modern pneumatic tube systems from Sumetzberger, this is possible around the clock, supplying all areas without loss of time from a central pharmacy, with the dispatch taking place either manually or automatically.

Not only routine medicines, but controlled and hazardous drugs are sent using Sumetzberger pneumatic tube systems worldwide. As a preventative and control measure, a number of high-tech security mechanisms have been developed to restrict access to authorised personnel. Sending and receiving via restricted areas of the hospital is only possible using ID cards (MIFARE®, SKIDATA, LEGIC® etc) or numerical codes. The integration of a central pharmacy into the existing IT hospital system is also feasible. Innovative drug management software ensures that the right patient receives the right medication, at the right dosage, at the right time, on the right path.


Central Hospital Pharmacy

Central pharmacies with pneumatic tube connections, supply pharmaceutical products to every building in a hospital complex, even if they are separated by road or rail. Discover innovative solutions for your hospital pharmacy! We’ll be with you from planning to maintenance!

Automated Hospital Pharmacies – Packaged Drugs

The innovative integration of automated hospital pharmacies into Sumetzberger pneumatic tube systems enables 24/7 delivery of medication in just a few moments - without manual effort.



Pneumatic tube solutions for hospital laboratories

Blood laboratories play a special role in every hospital worldwide, with their results forming the basis of all further medication and treatment in 90% of cases in everyday hospital life. A short waiting period between blood draw and result contributes significantly to the optimisation of patient care. A well planned pneumatic tube system from Sumetzberger reduces transport time to just a few minutes and ensures that personnel costs can be reduced by relieving courier services.

With a further advantage being that carriers within the pneumatic tube system always choose the fastest and most efficient route directly to the laboratory and can be traced throughout the system.

Manual and semi-automated pneumatic tube solutions for laboratories

For more than 30 years, Sumetzberger has supported hospitals worldwide, optimising their blood sample transports. The highest value is placed on shock-free and safe transport within a couple of minutes

Automated pneumatic tube solution for laboratories

With the automated Lab Station, Sumetzberger sets new standards in the rapid transport and analysis of blood samples, allowing manual work to be focused on emergency and special analyses. Blood samples for standard analyses are transferred directly from the pneumatic tube system to a fully automated laboratory line.

Sorter - to - Sorter

The innovative sorter-to-sorter solutions from Sumetzberger offer a perfect solution for hospital laboratories to increase the capacity and efficiency of the blood analysis process. All processes are automated, from the personalisation of blood tubes to automatic blood sample analysis.



Pneumatic tube solutions for blood banks - plasma, blood bags, B-track,

Blood preserves are a scarce commodity, only a few weeks durable, inferior to strict transport and storage regulations and in many cases lifesaving! Fast transports of blood components via pneumatic tube system from Sumetzberger with transport tracking (tracking and tracing function) guarantee traceability of all transports.

B-Tracking: Documented Transportation

Pneumatic tube system can play particular importance with emergency transfusions. In a few moments, blood bags can be transferred from the blood bank to the operating theatre, with the entire transport documented and monitored in real time. Laboratory staff always know when and by whom a blood bag was received, recording each blood bag via barcode scanner directly at the station. Each transport is recorded electronically, documented and can be analysed if required.

B-Tracking: Documented transport with Smart Device for patient and blood bag matching

The innovation of the complete documentation of blood samples, is achieved through combination of Sumetzberger pneumatic tube systems, alongside handheld smart devices.