Edifice Medical Systems

Capture and Upload Photos to ANY PACS

iCamPACS is the perfect solution provided by Mediland for mobilized image archiving and reporting, which capture images by iPhone or iPad to DICOM format and upload to PACS.

iCamPACS can be easily integrated to any PACS in hospital, with benefits including time efficient, cost efficient, high mobility, human error elimination and data storage security. It retrieves worklist over a Wi-Fi network and captured pictures will automatically be assigned to the current patient and sent to PACS server. The data transmission is encrypted and protected from access by outsiders. This is a great tool for following up results of operations, skin marks, bed sores, burns and injuries. It is easy to acquire, save, and manage
patients image data with only 3 steps. The ultimate goal of iCamPACS is to provide doctors the utmost versatility on patient data retrieving anywhere which allows the operator to access PACS server and browse images with secure mobile devices from anywhere in the hospital and off-site location.