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Ascom Telligence® Patient Response System


Elevating Nurse Call for Unsurpassed Patient-Centric Care


Telligence from Ascom is the world’s first Patient Response System. With Telligence, caregivers now have relevant information at the point of care and throughout the care process. Built on the Ascom Healthcare Platform that collects information from multiple sources (the patient, medical devices, healthcare applications and other systems), Telligence gives clinicians a more comprehensive view of the patient’s status that goes well beyond traditional nurse call. As a result, caregivers are better informed when responding to patient requests.


The Ascom Healthcare Platform

Ascom solutions are designed to integrate, orchestrate and enable aligned end-to-end digital clinical information and workflows between systems, people and devices at virtually any point of care. Representing applications, services, devices and smartphones, the Platform and Ascom Telligence enable seamless access, sharing and tracking of information across clinical teams.



Bridging clinical information gaps for informed care

Ascom Telligence is a modular, scalable patient response system. It seamlessly integrates with your current devices and applications, and can easily be expanded over time to meet future requirements. Ascom Telligence is flexible, offering everything from a standalone nurse-call system to fully integrated, end-to-end patient response solutions. Whatever you choose, each Ascom Telligence module provides a solid foundation for ongoing patient response improvements.

  • Get More Value out of Information & Investments - The system leverages the required nurse call infrastructure and enhances it with communication and documentation tools.

  • Obtain Important Details for Informed Decisions - Provides a portal to the patient record and other information to help clinicians make informed decisions.

  • Easy Access to Key Clinical Content - Digital information derived from applications, devices and systems is made accessible for faster visibility of patient needs.

  • Easy, Precise Documentation - Allows key information to be captured at the bedside for better information collection that translates into more efficient care.