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How can Austco Nurse Call help your healthcare facility?



Level of calls - Up to Eight levels of calls can be programmed to meet various clinical and operational needs of a hospital.


Simplicity - Austco Nurse Calling solutions are easy to learn, configure

and manage, allowing healthcare personnel to focus on patient care.


Flexible and Scalable Design - Austco Nurse Call Solution’s components are all designed with modular connectors for easy installation and future expansion.



Improve Infection Control - Austco Nurse Call Solution devices are manufactured with anti-bacterial additives for improved infection control, helping drive down Healthcare Acquired 

Infections (HAI).


Wireless Integration - Wireless telephone and pager integration allow

nurses total mobility, with instant communication with patients or other staff.


Integrations - Austco Nurse Call Solution hosts a compatible interface to existing Nurse Call System, paging or telephone systems, fire alarms and smoke detection, which makes Austco Nurse Call Solution a highly flexible and cost-effective solution.


Automatic Fault Detection and Notification - Austco Nurse Call Solution 

continuously checks the functionality of each device and immediately notifies 

maintenance staff if any problem is detected.


Audit Trail - Nurse stations may be networked for centralized paging, alarm logging and reporting of events hosting a complete audit trail.